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Tue Sep 9 02:22:29 GMT 1997

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at> wrote:

And how about this:

: ok, how about this.
: 1) get an NT server.

Get a Linux server (much better and flexible than NT). You can use
the Linux server for other things like DNS, Samba, WWW, FTP, etc.,
you name it.

: 2) install the "Netware Gateway and Client services"

Linux can mount NetWare shares. Just compile IPX support in the
kernel and get the ncpfs package.

: 3) buy some NFS server program, or get SOSSNT (SOSS - nfs server for 
: windows.  SOSSNT - nfs server for windows, ported to NT).

Again, Linux can do this: just configure NFS support in the kernel.

: 4) configure the NT server to "re-export" the Novell server.  this is all 
: documented in the microsoft help files.  mount the Novell server as a 
: network drive on the NT server.

Change "NT" with "Linux" and "microsoft" with "Linux".

: 5) re-export, _yet_ again this network drive on the NT server, under NFS.

Same as before.

: 6) hope like hell that it works.

Me too :-)

I've seen this working:

NetWare -> Linux -> Samba -> Windows 95

The Windows 95 needed to run a setup.exe program in a NetWare directory.
Since I didn't want to waste my time installing the NetWare Client in
Windows 95 I mounted the NetWare directory in Linux, then made a Samba
share of this directory and accessed it with the Microsoft Client in
Windows 95. It works great and is fast.



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