timeout smbd

Jeroen Vriesman joenix at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 7 19:16:17 GMT 1997


My samba on UNIXWARE 2.1.1 is srill not working, but I can describe the
problem different now:

smbclient -L some_machine 

times out after a while, but it tries to connect to the rigth IP and
port number.

>From a windows NT Machine, the unix-samba machine is visible, but the
log-on is VERY slow, after the log-on, everything is normal.

I'm using samba-1.9.17

Something else:

On a windows NT machine I get a log-on asking for username and password,
on a windows 95 machine, it just asks for a password for xxxx/IP$ and
all passwords (from pcguest, root or other users) fail. How to handle

Thanks again, also for the previous reply's


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