Samba & Permission

Sandro Dentella sandro at
Mon Sep 8 18:02:53 GMT 1997


I'm using samba since 1.5 year with real satisfaction. I just met a problem, I
guess other peaple already solved:

word6 is CHANGING GROUP and PERMISSION to files

This happens when the file belongs to a group and the person who wants to
modify it belongs primarily to another group, (and of course to that group
eather). I verifed that not all programs beahave this way (ie. wordpad).

What should I do, I would prefere not to create several services, each of them
with configured forced group. I would like it just to respect linux (and my)
idea of permissions.

I would appreciate an answer to sandro at since I'm not yet on
the mailing list.

Thanks in advance


Sandro Dentella *:-)

sandro at  - sandro at

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