SAMBA digest 1413

Michael Huttinger huttinger at
Mon Sep 8 17:50:07 GMT 1997


I'm running RedHat 4.1 Linux (2.0.27 kernel) and have Samba 1.9.17.  I am 
trying (unsuccessfully) to get a Windows95 client to be able to remotely 
change passwords on the Linux Samba server.

I'm using the command (in a DOS shell on a Win95 client)

	NET PASSWORD \\my_server

but this always is failing on the Samba server.

I have compiled in the options to allow remote password changing, and have 
setup (I think) the proper setting to get it to work in the smb.conf file, 
but nothing seems to be working.

Does anyone out there have this working on a Linux PC?  If so, how'd you 
get it working?  I'd be most grateful for any help you may have!


	Mike Huttinger

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