keyboard unusable after domain logons

D.A.Clifford at D.A.Clifford at
Mon Sep 8 07:15:42 GMT 1997

 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> is anyone else experiencing keyboard lockup from w95 after a domain >logon 
>user logs out from a samba server?  is anyone using 1.9.17 for domain 
>logons _not_ experiencing keyboard lockup?

I believe this to be a general problem with W95. We have about 600 PCs running W95, and some of the PCs displayed this behaviour. The problem was cured when we obtained a ompetely clean W95 distribution, with (I suspect) an updated keyboard driver. I know the driver was different, but there was no real indication that the driver had changed, or why.

See if your supplier has an updated driver.

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