incomplete browse list (and samba not visible in wg)

Simon Oosthoek s.oosthoek at
Sun Sep 7 18:57:23 GMT 1997

Hi All,

I'm having a bit of trouble with our samba server "Margo". This is (usually
and currently) the only samba (linux) server in the workgroup.
The problem is that it is not listed in the "network neighbourhood" (NN) in
win95/96/97/98 (whatever) clients. I've configured Margo to "preferred
master = yes" and according to smbclient it _is_ master, but to only 2
hosts (itself and one other, which does appear in the NN). The workgroup
list shows Margo to be the browse master for its workgroup.

In the NN, 3 machines appear, none of which is Margo...

All machines are connected to a campuswide Ethernet (UTP and glass with
hubs and switches only) with around 50 to 100 samba machines (probably not
all at the same time) and up to 900 windows machines of various versions
(mostly 95 and NT4). 

the current version of sambe is 1.9.17p1, but the same problem occurred in
plain 1.9.17. I've had similar problems before with a number of previous
versions of sambe (can't remember which ones). Those problems were not as
persistent as this one.

I'm wondering if it is a configuration problem or some problem (bug?) in
the smb protocol (or an implementation of it).

Of course, I'd be happy to supply smb.conf and log-files of requested
detail (but I don't have logs of the problem at this time).



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