NT4: Not Authorised to login from this station

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Sun Sep 7 16:42:53 GMT 1997

On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Pat Sullivan wrote:

> >I have a problem login in from NT40  to our Samba server. I can log in ok
> from WinNT351 and WfWg.
> >
> >Whenever I try to log in from NT4.0 , I get the error message:
> >
> >" The Account is not authorized to login from this station "
> >
> >All hints and tips will be appreciated.
> I saw the same problem - NT 4.0 SP3, with Solaris251 samba (using encrypted
> passwds);
> Logging in to the samba server and running smbpasswd solved the problem -
> after indicating that I had no previous smb passwd - although I had run the
> mksmbpasswd script.

i've modified the smbpasswd command so that, as root, you can do ([] 
indicates optional):

	smbpasswd -add user [password]

this will change the password for user unconditionally.

and (again, as root): 

	smbpasswd user

this will change the password for user _without_ asking for their old 
password.  particularly as it's not very helpful to ask for an old 
password when it's matched with XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!

has anyone reversed the 32 Xs into an actual password that, when typed 
in, gives 32 Xs? :-)


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