Win Clients -> Samba server -> broken

Graham Leggett graham at
Sat Sep 6 17:34:44 GMT 1997

Tim Villa - faculties wrote:

> The first thing that occurs to me (which might be completely wrong) is
> to check your nameserving on the new machine.  Samba only accepts
> connections from named hosts and it is possible that the new server has
> an incorrectly configured DNS - try pinging the clients by name to see
> if they're addressable.

After prodding around for a while, I discovered that despite being
configured to, samba is binding itself to the wrong ip address.

The machine with samba on has two ethernet cards, and I have configured
it so that it should bind to both of them. Samba however only binds to
the first card.

I then configured it to bind to the ip address of the second card (the
one I want), but it still will only bind to the first card.

Any ideas?

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