Syslog err msgs from samba-1.9.16p11 on HP-UX 10.10

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Wed Sep 3 19:44:51 GMT 1997

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> Does any one know of the cause/fix for the SMBD error messages below?
> I had been using samba-1.9.16p11 fine for quite a while, and  noticed
> the following syslog entries as several NT 4.0 clients started to have
> problems doing some software builds (using Atria-ClearCase via SAMBA on
> HP-UX 10.10 servers).
> Please send responses to: <dominiqu at>
> Here are the four error messages:
>   smbd[10572]: Error writing 101 bytes to client. -1. Exiting
This one should be fixed in 1.9.17 - it was caused by Samba trying
to validate the guest account on the NT PDC. The  guest account is
indicated by an empty record, and NT seems to know no better but
to simply hang up the connection. We had our power users (with
oodles of shortcuts on their desktops) start up to 20 instances of
smbd before finally settling down. 
>   smbd[22574]: getpeername failed
This one also should be fixed in 1.9.17. It was caused by the
expansion routine calling getpeername before the socket had been
opened (even though the % sequence requiring the call did not
appear in the string). An unwelcome side effect was that the IP
address of the client remained stuck at for the remainder
of the session
>   smbd[23902]: ... couldn't find free connection
>   smbd[23902]: ... couldn't find service
No idea for the last two - they look genuine. Maybe someone
else has a better idea?


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