SAMBA digest 1408

Marco A. Zamora mzamora at
Wed Sep 3 16:01:58 GMT 1997

> From: Frank Varnavas <varnavas at>
> Subject: RE: NT server dropping APPS due to samba
> I  sent the  following   to the first    guy reporting the "NT  server
> dropping apps due to samba" problem.  I  haven't had any feedback so I
> don't know if it helped him or not.
> The synopsis  is that when samba  does his 'man  in the middle' server
> authentication the PDC thinks  that the original client connection  is
> no longer valid and drops  it.  The fix is   for samba to not use  the
> same name as the client when connecting to the PDC.

Hmmm... I think that this behavior merits changing Samba's authentication
mechanism for security=server. 

I'd suggest doing what Win95 does when validating client connections with
user-level access control. Maybe if someone captures a trace between a Win95
"server" asking autentication from a WinNT PDC this could be implemented (I
don't have the tools or know ledge to interpret the trace). 

Cheers...			Marco Zamora

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