Browsing Shows NT4.2

Jay A. Cohen jcohen at
Wed Sep 3 14:07:32 GMT 1997

 Number of days ago I sent in a message wondering why when I browse samba servers from NT the server manager would show my UNIX SAMBA servers as Windows NT 2.2. Then I was on the 1.9.16p11 revision of Samba. 

Yesterday I was having problems compiling that version on HP-UX 10.20. I checked the Samba page and found out 1.9.17 was out so I tried that. Well HP-UX loaded fine with the new revision but with this revision NT reports these server as NT4.2

For Security Reasons it would be nice if it was reported as NT4.0 which is what all of my machines are running. I know the problem is in the code somewhere and I am will to do the change but can someone tell me where in the code I need to change this?


Jay A. Cohen
UNIX Analyst/ Administrator
Paragren Technologies, Inc. 
Reston, Virginia

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