postscript printing (a followup)

Pavel Bocek xbocekp at
Fri Oct 31 17:46:43 GMT 1997

> John:
> thanks for the quick reply. I have been doing that with ghostscript
> and have been using my own filter for printing ps files locally onto
> nonpostscript printers. Samba gets into the picture (I guess) because
> I am trying to print ps files from my Linux box remotely on printers
> physically connected to machines that are running Windows 95. My
> question should be rephrased as "can Magic Filter (or something else)
> get smbclient (or something else) going, connect me with the Win95-box
> client next door, filter my ps file through ghostscript, and send the
> correct commands to a shared printer connected to this Win95 box?" 
> Sorry for not being 100% clear in my question. I got mixed up with
> the server/client nomenclature. Please drop me a line in case you can
> shed another light on the problem. I have deadlines coming soon and I
> can no longer drag the printer to my office to connect it to my
> computer. 

I'm currently using the following filter for my Deskjet printer 
located under \\escom\HP520 :

---- smbfilter ------ 

/usr/bin/gs -q -dSAFER -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=deskjet -sOutputFile=- - |
smbclient \\\\escom\\HP520 -U escom -N -P -c 'printmode 

------- cut here ---------------
Note that the 3 last lines are one command.


And the printcap entry may look ("if" is the path to smbfilter)

smb|HP DESKJET (PS input):\

Pavel Bocek
Student of
Czech Technical University, Prague

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