postscript printing on W95 client

kees kees at
Fri Oct 31 08:24:14 GMT 1997

Hi there,

If the printer is connected to a W95 box the following information may

1)  read the shell script '/usr/local/samba/smbprint', it provides
info on how to setup the configuration files

2) install ghostscript, portable bitmap utils etc

3) install 'Magicfilter', it may need all of '2)'

4) modify the (last) lines in 'smbprint' to something like:

# comment
	echo "print -"
) | /usr/spool/lpd/<printername>/<filtername> | /usr/local/bin/smbclient
"\\\\$server\\$service" $password -U $server -N -P >>$logile

The last two form one *long* line. Printername is the name from
printcap, filtername is the filter applicable for the printer 
connected to the WIN95 box.


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