NT Domain logon

Nathan Neulinger nneul at umr.edu
Thu Oct 30 22:26:20 GMT 1997

First, a couple of questions - are encrypted passwords absolutely necessary?

The reason is, NT DOMAIN support in samba is only going to be useful to 
me if I can continue to tie the authentication into our central 
AFS/Kerberos server. 

I have tried to do the setup without doing to encrypted passwords and am 
not sure if that is part of the problem or not.

Re step 2 in NTDOMAIN.txt: How exactly does one add this line? I had to 
add a line for a user that was in the password file, and then edit the 
name. Here is the current setup:

Two machines on same segment, one named INFINITY (the server) the other 
is CONSOLE. INFINITY is serving domain/workgroup "AFSDOMAIN". 

Here is what is in smbpasswd:

Step 6-7 seemed to work ok once I got that entry added to the smbpasswd file.

Step 8 though did not. When I attempt to actually log into the domain it 
says something along the lines of "Cannot log you in. Domain not available."

Any ideas?

I sent a copy of the log to samba-bugs.

-- Nathan

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