necessary to bind TCP/IP to Microsoft network client?

Jeff Wiegley jeff at
Thu Oct 30 21:53:41 GMT 1997

Having some strange difficulties with samba...

it compiled fine and seems to be running ok but none
of my win95 client machines can see the samba server.

They can't even see the samba server when the server
is configured as a WINS server and the client is
configured to look at the server as its WINS server.

anyways, my clients all have the following...

microsoft network client
IPX protocol
TCP/IP protocol

my office mate says that TCP/IP should not be bound to
any clients since then that allows the security loop
hole that people on the outside internet can access
ourfile systems on the those clients.

But: If I do bind TCP/IP to the microsoft client I
*CAN* see the samba server just fine.

do I *have* to have this binding on the client machine
in order for samba to work?  I have a feeling that
samba does everything via TCP/IP and not IPX and as
a result all the clients around here are going to
have to bind TCP/IP to microsoft network client and
thus open up security problems.

Also since all of my machines that I'm trying this with
are on the same subnet is there any reason I should be
running any WINS servers?


- Jeff Wiegley

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