NT DOMAIN AUTHENTICATION - byte ordering problem

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Thu Oct 30 20:42:40 GMT 1997

this is a request for help, on non-intel byte ordered processors, to get 
the NT Domain Authentication code working in Samba.

using 1.9.18alpha9/source/credentials.c and smb.h definitions:

the session key and the credentials are being calculated incorrectly on
non-intel processors.  e.g, SPARCs.

could someone take credentials.c (which is about 90 lines long, only 25 of
which are actually important!) and write a small program which generates 
session keys and credentials from pseudo-random data.

compile and run it on an intel processor: take that as your "reference"

compile and run it on a SPARC or 68000 or DEC Alpha: anything that's not 
intel word aligned, and compare the output.

if it's wrong, can you try fixing it, always keeping the original
(currently known to be correct) reference data for comparisons?

i'm not up to dealing with this: i only have linux on i486.

if you feel like it, please post me any test programs: i'll feed one out 
to the list, so other people can try this as well.

please contact me direct as lkcl at switchboard.net.

many thanks!

luke (samba team member)

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