Samba and Primary Domain Controllers

Oleniczak, Kevin koleni01 at
Thu Oct 30 18:01:25 GMT 1997

I have previously been using an older version of samba 1.9.16p9 , and
would like to establish a trust relationship between an actual NT 4.0
server and my UNIX server running samba. 

Do I need the newer versions of samba supporting domain options stuff
domain master and preferred master ?? Everytime I try to establish the
trust, on the NT box, I get "could not find domain controller for this
domain". Which made me think that maybe the samba box needs to be
configured as a PDC or BDC???

Regardless, both machines are on the same physical network and within
the same subnet, and I can ping between them. Any ideas? I'm trying do
this so that my nt server can access a dummy account on the samba side
for a unc share.

Thank You,
Kevin Oleniczak

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