Autocad vs. Samba

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I don't know all the details but I think I remember this is a 
problem with AutoCAD, not Samba. Others can tell you more but
please search the archives for more info.


Tim.Brennan at wrote:

: I've got a really weird situation happening....

: We recently upgraded our AutoCAD users to Release 14 (cause they HAD
: to have it.... It is SOOO much better than what they had (R13 running
: on Sun stations)).

: They are running R14 on individual 233 Pentium pc's.  The application
: is plenty fast.  They all share a common network drive for their work
: files.  This is provided by Samba, running on a Sun sparc5, solaris 2.5.
: Occasionally, they are getting errors when they try to open a file.  It's
: prompting them to open the file read only, as if they didn't have permissions
: for the file, or someone else had it locked already.  Permissions are
: correct (it even happens when the owner of the file tries to open it).
: They could go from opening a file, editing it, closing it, open a new
: file, close it, and go back to opening file 1, and getting the permission
: message.  Sometimes they can try several times, and eventually Autocad
: will allow them to open the file.  Sometimes not.

: Autodesk told my users that this is a known problem between AutoCAD and
: Samba, and to try another NFS product, or switch to local files.  

: I could add enough disk to one of the pc's, and let them share them
: amongst themselves, but I like being able to back the files up to tape
: at a regular interval, as well as providing the files from a pair of
: highly available servers (sparc 1000's) gives me a little more data
: integrity.  Also, Samba works perfectly well with lots of other applications.

: Any one else run in to similar problems (and find a resolution)?

: Thanks.

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