postscript printing (a followup)

Marcello L. R. de Campos campos at
Wed Oct 29 19:22:50 GMT 1997


thanks for the quick reply. I have been doing that with ghostscript
and have been using my own filter for printing ps files locally onto
nonpostscript printers. Samba gets into the picture (I guess) because
I am trying to print ps files from my Linux box remotely on printers
physically connected to machines that are running Windows 95. My
question should be rephrased as "can Magic Filter (or something else)
get smbclient (or something else) going, connect me with the Win95-box
client next door, filter my ps file through ghostscript, and send the
correct commands to a shared printer connected to this Win95 box?" 

Sorry for not being 100% clear in my question. I got mixed up with
the server/client nomenclature. Please drop me a line in case you can
shed another light on the problem. I have deadlines coming soon and I
can no longer drag the printer to my office to connect it to my

Once again, thanks,


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