Samba and Microsoft DFS

Mick Taylor mt at
Wed Oct 29 17:39:57 GMT 1997

Has anyone tried DFS Client SW on a Win 95 machine and then tried to
mount the usual samba drives? All I get is a login request that gets
even with known, correct, credentials.

Its appears just the same as the problem we got after installing SP3 on
NT4 machine before changing the registry.

The only way to fix it is, on the 95 machine, to remove the DFS client,
remove ALL
the network setup and then reinstall the network, but this is no good if
you want to
use DFS.

Can anyone help.

Details: Samba 1.9.16p11 on SunOS 2.5.1, WIn 95b, DFS client v1.1


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