WINS resolution and other problems

Simon Hyde shyde at
Tue Oct 28 19:08:23 GMT 1997

On Wed, 29 Oct 1997 01:49:04 +1100, you wrote:

>Basically the setup we want to have is:
>Multiple samba servers on campus, co-existing with windows nt, 95, novell,
>etc., with a single samba based WINS server that can answer requests for
>everything. Also, would like to do browsing over the whole network as well.
>We do not want to code the WINS server address at the client. If we have 
>to, we can, but we would much prefer to have it remain a broadcast. We 
>are using DHCP for address assignment though, so could probably send back 
>an address that way.
To do this you need to setup all the servers talking netbios to have the
central wins server as their wins server, this way when they've booted up
and worked out their IP address and network name they report it to the wins
server, no need for broadcasts (at least that's how I believe it works). It
may actually be that you need a samba local master for each subnet which
reports to the wins server, and gives it a copy of it's current browse list
(again if it's setup in smb.conf to use the central wins server ('wins
server =')).

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