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Thomas G. Tri ttri at
Tue Oct 28 17:41:16 GMT 1997

I have several Win95 PCs accessing a Samba Server 1.9.17.p3. Everything
seems OK.  They can mount drives, Browse the Network neighborhood, etc.

I also have a WinNT PC.  It can mount the shares (drives and printers) from
the SAMBA server.  From Explorer->Tools->Find->Computer, it will find
specific computers entered.  I can use net view \\computername to see
shares on known computers on the LAN.  If I do a net view /DOMAIN:SKEES,
nothing appears.  Also, other computers in the Neighborhood don't show up.

Any suggestions as to what may be configured incorrectly?

Thomas G. Tri (ttri at
Skees Engineering, Inc.
4229 Bardstown Rd., Suite 314
Louisville, KY 40218
Fax 499.1659

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