W95 password change

Philippe GUILLEMETTE philippe.guillemette at wavecom.fr
Tue Oct 28 12:27:04 GMT 1997


	I'm using samba 1.9.17.p2 on a linux 2.0.30. Everything is ruuning fine, except Win95 password change.
I'm sorry if it is a question asked thousand times, but I _really_ read docs, faq, mailing archive before writing this 
mail and couldn't make it work.

	I have 100 Win95 PC on my network, 1 NT server 3.51 (NOT beeing a domain controller), 
1 NT station 4.01, 1 Linux server, 4 SUN stations running solaris 2.5 and 1 netware 4.11 server.

	Samba is domain master and offers network logon, with user security, and os level set to 34 . 
The hosts/passwords is managed by the netware server with NIS. Every W95 is configured to do a network 
logon, and every user can logon on the samba server, all shares run fine. I compiled samba with 

	But when a W95 station tries to change its network password from the control panel, I'v got various answers 
like "not enough memory" (???), "unknown user" ... When the NT stations are off, the answer is that the network doesn't
provide this service. In all cases, I tried to log the API calls received by samba, and it _never_ received the 115 (SetUserPassword)
request. From a DOS box, the NET PASSWORD is not allowed ...

	Can anyone help me with this ? 


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