Kerberos authentication...

Johan Hedin johanh at
Tue Oct 28 08:15:42 GMT 1997

>I am thinking about hacking Samba myself and replacing the normal 
>authentication process w/ the Kerberos authentication function.  I would
>first like to know if:
>   1)  There is a better way to add Kerberos besides hacking Samba code.
>   2)  you have any tips for me if I attempt to hack the code myself...
>   3)  one of you could hack the code real quick for me ;)

I have done such a patch for Kerberos 4 and submitted it to samba-bugs.
You'll find it at

Note that the messing with the KRB5 flags in the Makefile is a misstake.
Also note that applying sych a patch to samba will transmitt your
passwords in clear text, destroing the Kerberos security.


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