Receiving individual messages (PR#948)

hurtta+foo at ozone.FMI.FI hurtta+foo at ozone.FMI.FI
Sun Oct 26 13:09:48 GMT 1997

Andrew Tridgell:
> > Does anybody know if it's possible to receive Samba list e-mail messages
> > individually instead of as the digest? I find it very difficult to sort out
> > what's interesting from what isn't when I have to search through the digest.
> See
> This explains how to set/unset digest mode, among other things 
> (like how to unsubscribe).
> At one time I asked people not to use individual messages because 
> the samba mail server was overloaded and couldn't handle the huge
> number of mail messages that non-digest mode causes (it would be
> about 150,000 messages a day if everyone did it). 

Sorry. Digest mode is not usable, because it does not handle MIME
(instead if strips MIME headers and does not do decoding). So
result is not readable. I may considere again digest mode if
server keeps mime -headers and put digest to multipart/digest.

(Well. Individual messages is also easier to browse than that digest.)

/ Kari Hurtta

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