nmblookup and resolutions

Jeff Foster jfoste at wgc.woodward.com
Fri Oct 24 22:15:53 GMT 1997

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> Subject: nmblookup and resolutions
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> Is there any way to resolve hostnames from IPs, similar to the way 
> nmblookup resolves IPs from names?

I can tell you that it is really a pain.  I have just spent a week
in front of the sniffer trying to do this.  But I do have some code
that may do what you want.  First the warnings;  because of the way
that NetBIOS runs (responds to port 137), you can't run this on
a machine that is running samba.  Second, the PC must be running and 
on the net to respond to the query.  Third, this must be run as root
or with the sticky bit set (that port 137 thing).  Fourth this code
is at the best alpha.

Contact me if you are still interested.

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 Can a WINS server provide an inverse query response ?
 I know that a WINS server running DNS would but how 
 about without DNS ?
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