A suggestion about this List

Simon Hyde shyde at poboxes.com
Fri Oct 24 20:26:49 GMT 1997

I would like to suggest that PR numbers be automatically added to subject
lines of all list emails, this would both make it possible for the internal
SambaBugs system to thread list messages correctly and enable email clients
(such as mine) which attempt to thread messages by subject to follow the
whole thread, even when someone posts a message using the new SambaBugs
system (which at the moment splits the thread into multiple parts).
Would it be possible (or should I say not too much work) to implement this
(perhaps samba at samba.anu.edu.au could go through the bugs system before
then being forwarded on to another email address or program which handles
If not I would like to hear any objections, impracticalities, or problems
with this.

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