SMB mounting over ssh

Stephen Williams sdw at
Fri Oct 24 14:21:08 GMT 1997

> Mr Williams,
> I read your post in the SAMBA digest archive about mounting SMB volumes
> or using NetBeui over a ssh client with great interest. I was curious as
> to whether you were successful and if you could share whatever you have
> learned with me.

It works, however Win95 has trouble with certain operations.  It's not
clear but it appears to be a problem with VXD's vs. 32bit applications
making file system requests.  I think that the file system is
preempting the TCP or process progress.

Basically, you can go to a dos box and access everything over the
link, and get a directory of the mounted drive, but many 32-bit
applications lockup.

I used the commercial ssh client from and had it
export all three of the SMB related ports (137-139 I believe) to the
other machine.  I didn't think that that would work, but apparently
Win95 only listens on the UDP ports!

You then make an entry in \windows\lmhosts for a name mapping to

I had much better luck, but not complete, with's zannet.
Since I was going to a Unix box this was ok for me.  Fewer things
locked up, in particular Windows Explorer appeared to be able to
read/write/delete files over the link, but NetObjects Fusion locked up
looking at the drive.


> Thank you in advance,
> Stephen Greenle
> greenlee at
> Research Computing
> The Scripps Research Institute

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