Problems with 1.9.17p2

Andrew Boswell A.Boswell at
Thu Oct 23 15:58:10 GMT 1997

We upgraded from 1.9.16p10 to 1.9.17p2 about two weeks ago.  Following 
the upgrade we experienced problems with the performance being much 
slower, particularly stalls on reconnecting after timeout.  
Occasionally, we also experienced SAMBA services not being available 
("The network path was not found") temporarily (similar time delays to 
the stalls), and then becoming available again without any intervention 
on the Unix side.    Judging from the list messages, other have 
experienced possibly similar problems on Windows 95.  (We are using NT.)

We have not time to make a detailed investigation currently.  I have 
reverted our Samba servers to 1.9.16p10 and the problem seems to have 
gone away.  I am keen to know what the cause of this might be, and 
whether it is an identified problem in 1.9.17 series.  Has it been 
fixed in 1.9.17p3 or 1.9.17p4?


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