Samba Performance vs. X-Windows/Telnet

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Oct 23 14:32:11 GMT 1997

> I *think* what you're saying is, just type on, the fact that it takes a
> while for the letters to show on your screen doesn't mean you have to wait
> for them. (?)

yep.  also, warning to remember what you're pressing, because it _will_ 
get actioned.  late, but definitely actioned.

> The main issue though IMHO is that Samba's speed isn't a factor here.
> I guess we should ask whether there is any swapping going on over the
> Samba share though.  This could certainly account for a delay such as
> that.

each smbd process will need 600 to 800k, and it's not recommended to have 
smbd processes swapping in and out.

also, if nmbd swaps out, that will stuff things quite nicely: various 
NetBIOS requests and NetBIOS UDP packets won't get answered.  if they do, 
they will be processed anything up to a few seconds late.  and given that 
windows hosts repeat queries once per second four times, you'll be too 
late, giving the appearance of loss of service.

uh... louis, if you can't understand this one as well (easily!) could you 
possibly re-explain?  i'm in programming/debug mode at the moment... :-)



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