Performance problems on Sparc 20 Solaris 2.5

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Thu Oct 23 12:58:44 GMT 1997

You wrote:
>: There is one PC client Win95 and the smbd process takes up
>: about 30% of the cpu...
>: The client is running Microsoft Visual C++.
[and later]

| Well, in fact, the client is just accessing the files (open, modify,
| save) at the rate of the user.

| Opening the files is ok (not too slow) but saving them can take up to
| 10 seconds for just a small file...

| This does not happen when the files are opened with 
| wordpad/notepad/write so it must be something to do with Visual C++...

  That sounds like a problem I've seen in another life: the client
(MS C++) knows it can depend upon certain features/behaviors of
the server (MS NT), and mysteriously fails or slows down when conected 
to another brand of server.

  I speculate we're seeing opportunistic locking going on: it's
recommended/designed for just such things as soyrce code control
systems, compilers and shared-file mini-databases.
  Try turning oplock emulation on in your current system, plus fast
locks and anything else that sounds like locks, and measure again.

  If that's actually the problem, the newest release has full oplock
support built in, to solve problems like yours.

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