problems w 17p3 and p4

Eric Stewart estewart at
Thu Oct 23 12:42:21 GMT 1997

	For those of you keeping track, my message about p3 that appeared
in SAMBA digest 1467 is still valid for p4 (samba servers disappearing
from "Network Neighborhood" for both NT and 95).  And another bug that was
supposedly fixed from p3 to p4 is more of a substitution of one bug for
Configuration Background:
servers are Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.6, using security = server with two NT
boxes in the same WG (the PDC and BDC)
	On p3, if you had an account restricted so that it could only log
on to a group of machines, samba would do the passthrough security = 
server with the client machine listed as "\\<sambapid>client".  Since the
NT server is only looking for "\\client", it would deny the request.  This
is verified through the event log of the NT server in question.
	In p4, instead of passing anything client related, the samba
server now passes "\\<samba server name>".  Technically this may not be a
bug but previous versions passed the client name unmolested, not the Samba
Server name.  If you've got the space in your NT account's "Logon To..." 
dialog, you can enter the name of the samba server for a temp workaround. 

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