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Thu Oct 23 09:19:58 GMT 1997

Peter and Nick,

>From: Peter Blake <ppb at>
>Subject: Re: Receiving individual messages
>On Fri, 17 Oct 1997, Nick Parker wrote:
>> Does anybody know if it's possible to receive Samba list e-mail messages
>> individually instead of as the digest? I find it very difficult to sort out
>> what's interesting from what isn't when I have to search through the digest.

I've deliberately left the X-URL header in this reply to remind you that
it's there.

Bottom of that page are details of the 'ack' and 'digest' commands you'd
need to send to the Listproc.

I havent' been able to check what MUA you are both using so it is possible
that the relevant header has been hidden from you until now.

[This message posted to the list for the benefit of anyone else who can't
get all the headers of their e-mail, and might therefore not know about the
wealth of information available in via the X-URL]

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