Problem when placing many files in a directory (PR#1136)

Andrew Tridgell samba-bugs at
Thu Oct 23 08:12:17 GMT 1997

> I am experiencing a strange problem when saving more than 75 files in one
> directory on a Unix-box via Samba. Up to 75 files everything is working
> fine, but when saving file #76 the extension of one of the files is
> truncated to 1 character. 

That sounds like an interesting bug!

> Example:
> Let's say I have 75 files of type .xls (Excel worksheet) in a directory. If
> I try to save another Excel-worksheet in the directory, one of the files's
> extensions is truncated to just a "x". Maybe it is the file located at the
> end of FAT that is truncated, I have not checked that yet. Is this a known
> problem and if so, is there a solution?

Does it matter what tool you are using to get the file list? What about
using a "dir" in a dos box?

Could you possibly send me either a tcpdump or MS network monitor
capture of the client doing a directory listing when you see the problem?

Also let me know exactly what client you are using (Win95? What patches
applied?) and give me the output of "ls -la" in the directory on the server.

Next, can you test to see if all the files are displayed correctly by
a "dir" command in smbclient.

Thanks, Andrew

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