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Thu Oct 23 00:36:29 GMT 1997

--On Thursday, October 23, 1997, 1:42 AM +1000 "Simon Hyde" <shyde at> wrote: 

} Because you can actually connect with a username, samba falls back on guest
} if all 5 other possible password validation methods fail (or none is
} supplied) (see the bottom of man smb.conf for info on how it chooses how to
} log people in).
} Try doing:
} smbclient //server/public_share -U username
} and you will be suprised to find that you are prompted for a password and
} can login with a true username/password and land up using the username you
} supplied. If you put 'guest only = yes' in your smb.conf for a guest share
} then samba will skip all other 5 methods of password validation and force
} someone in as a guest user.

One difference I've noticed since the installation of 1.9.17p4 is that
passwords are being requested for public directories on the samba
server.  Before P4, passwords weren't being requested.

I'm using an NT server as the password server.

Guests still get in.  It seemed to improve things to add "guest ok = yes"
in addition to "public = yes" for the public shares.

If I read your analysis right, this wouldn't happen if the shares were
marked "guest only", but what changed in 1.9.17p4 to cause the query?

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