Performance problems on Sparc 20 Solaris 2.5

Gilles Depeyrot Gilles.Depeyrot at
Wed Oct 22 19:34:01 GMT 1997

Le 22/10/97 16:32, samba at a écrit :

>: There is one PC client Win95 and the smbd process takes up
>: about 30% of the cpu...
>: The client is running Microsoft Visual C++.
>What is this client doing, compiling? Probably it is pretty disk intensive.

Well, in fact, the client is just accessing the files (open, modify, save)
at the rate of the user.

Opening the files is ok (not too slow) but saving them can take up to 10
seconds for just a small file...

This does not happen when the files are opened with wordpad/notepad/write
so it must be something to do with Visual C++...

I would like to speed things a bit, otherwise developpement on Samba drives
is just not possible !


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