1.9.18alpha3 on same LAN as 1.9.17p2 ??

Joshua Heling jrh at securepipe.com
Wed Oct 22 13:30:27 GMT 1997

A situation has come up wherein I need oplocks ASAP - from yesterday's release 
announcement it seems that only the NT Domain Controller parts of 1.9.18 are 
particularly alpha, so I thought I might test 1.9.18 to see if I might be able 
to use it in a production environment (without the NT stuff, of course).

My question is, is it safe to test 1.9.18 in a functioning 1.9.17 - based 
network (I recall concerns for doing this with 1.9.16 and 1.9.17 due to WINS 
code(I think)) ?  Any gotchas to watch out for?


Joshua Heling				             jrh at securepipe.com
SecurePipe Communications, Inc.

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