Samba Server Not Browseable

Eloy A. Paris eparis at
Wed Oct 22 03:14:08 GMT 1997

J. Amelia Ellis <amelia at> wrote:

: So,  1) can someone tell me HOW to make the Samba Server
:     appear in the Neighborhood Network on NT 4.0; what changes
:     should I make on either the the NT side or in the smb.conf

Are you using Service Pack #3? If you are you won't be able to see/use
the Samba server because of the encrypted passwords (read the docs.
about WinNT in the docs directory) unless you do something about
(read ENCRYPTION in the docs directory).

To be able to browse and see your Samba server I suggest (again)
you read BROWSING in (again) the docs directory.

:     2) And/Or is there someway to specify the samba server on
:     NT 4.0 that I haven't yet found?

Yup: just go to Start menu and choose Run. There type the name of the
share you want to access. Something like this: \\samba_server\share_name.
Or just type "\\samba_server" to see the available shares.

See ya.



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