Samba Server Not Browseable

J. Amelia Ellis amelia at
Tue Oct 21 21:17:00 GMT 1997


I am in the process of upgrading our NT 3.51 to NT 4.0
but have run into a problem:

We have Samba 1.9.14 running on a UnixWare 2.1 machine.

With the NT 3.51 machines the Samba Serveris not visible
in the Network Neightborhood, but it can be easily accessed
by specifying where one wants to connect.

NT 4.0 doesn't seem to have this option.  

So,  1) can someone tell me HOW to make the Samba Server
    appear in the Neighborhood Network on NT 4.0; what changes
    should I make on either the the NT side or in the smb.conf

    2) And/Or is there someway to specify the samba server on
    NT 4.0 that I haven't yet found?


amelia at

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