OS/2 Clients missing attribute emulation

Robert.Dahlem at frankfurt.netsurf.de Robert.Dahlem at frankfurt.netsurf.de
Tue Oct 21 15:40:32 GMT 1997


I successfully run different customer networks with 30 up to 300
WfW-clients with Samba servers (now 1.9.17p3) under SINIX (this is the
unix from the german company Siemens Nixdorf).

In one of these nets there are also some OS/2 Warp 4 clients running an
application which depends on setting the FAT style "system" and "hidden"
attributes. I have "map system = on" and "map hidden = on" and DOS/WfW
clients can happily set and reset those attributes. The OS/2 clients
however can't set or reset the "system" and "hidden" attributes: they
think they can, but this doesnt produce a result in the unix file system.

I checked it again from my own machine (OS/2 Warp Connect V3) but with the
same result. When the OS/2 clients mount a share from an OS/2 peer, they
also are able to set and reset the attributes, but not on the Samba

Any hints?

Hasta la vista,
Robert.Dahlem at frankfurt.netsurf.de
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