multiple names for a Samba server

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Tue Oct 21 14:04:54 GMT 1997

Hi all,  (1.9.16p11)

	I'd like Samba (nmbd) to respond to multiple (NetBIOS) names.

Currently, when started up, nmbd will respond to the server's hostname,
unless an entry of the form new-name  M

is placed in the LMHOSTS file on that UNIX box.

Now nmbd responds to 'new-name' and no other.

(All testing done with 'nmblookup')

Samba itself seems not to care what (NetBIOS) name is used to connect to it
(as shown with smbclient :-

     smbclient -L rubbish -I realname 

which works fine.)

Any handy hints on how to get the same UNIX box to reply to

               nmblookup realname


               nmblookup othername

greatly appreciated.  I guess I could do som,e mucking about with
'interfaces' and stuff, but I'd like an easier solution if possible.

	Thanks all,

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