samba1.9.17pxx and SunOS 4.1.X

Knut Hintzen knut at
Tue Oct 21 07:29:40 GMT 1997

> Patrick Groeneveld wrote:
> I spent some time trying to configure Samba 1.9.17pxx on SunOS 4.1.3  and
> 4.1.2 without success. On Solaris 2.5 it's OK. After a while I went back
> to 1.9.16p11 for the SunOS machines and it worked again.
> The message I was having on the 4.1.X was the one about "unfriendly  server
> software".
> Besides that everything's fine,

I am using two SunOS 4.1.2 with Samba-1-9-17p2 without any problems.
One of them is a local master. They work together with several other
Unix-boxes, WfWg, NT-Workstations and one NT-Server, which is the PDS.

I didn´t have any Problems to compile or run samba on sunos.

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