Browsing, Subnets, and Network Neighborhood

Simon Hyde shyde at
Mon Oct 20 17:01:10 GMT 1997

On Tue, 21 Oct 1997 01:34:54 +1000, you wrote:

>Should the lastest version (1.9.17p3) of samba be able to support browsing
>across subnets?  All of my machines see each other in the same subnet, but
>cannot view other subnets in the network neighborhood??  I can find them in
>the start-find-computers.  The only protocols enabled are TCP/IP and
>File/Printer Sharing (smb).  Is it possible to browse accross the subnet
>with network neighborhood?  I have read all the documentation and tried all
>the suggestions.

It might actually be helpfull if you told us what you had tried, ie:
I have setup one samba server (and only one) as domain master and wins
I have configured all the local-masters for the other subnets to use the
domain master server as their wins server
I have configured all the windows clients to use the domain master as their
wins server.
I have a samba (or possibly NT, not sure about this one) local master for
each subnet which is definitely using the domain master as it's wins server
The os level of the local masters is high (say 65) but lower than that of
the domain master/wins server (say 255). The maximum os level is 255

If you have done all this and it's still not working then post again and
please do elaborate a little more into what you are doing, we are not
psychic (spelling?) you know.

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