samba-1.9.18alpha2 (temporary)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Oct 20 17:40:50 GMT 1997

dear samba digest,

i've temporarily created a samba-1.9.18alpha2.tar.gz, which is in 
the ftp directory

it contains, or has updated versions of:


	pretty much the same as what i posted to the list earlier today,
	along with some indication of what kinds of packets to expect,
	and some indication of why you might not be seeing those packets.


	mentions that samba can now be a PDC for NT Workstations,
	and that this is experimental.


	new parameters: logon drive; logon home; domain sid; domain groups.
	new substitution %N.  allows you to specify the NIS server.

source modifications, see cvs logs for details, but it includes:

	domain groups parameter.  if anyone knows what this is, please let
	me know!

	the default for logon home ("\\%N\%U") is used in the Win95 AND NT

	%N a new substitution macro, which defaults to the same as %L if
	you don't compile with -DAUTOMOUNT and -DNETGROUP.  or if you
	don't have a NIS database.


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