Disappearing clients in WINS list

Dieter Rothacker Didi at kelly.STUDFB.UniBw-Muenchen.de
Mon Oct 20 13:06:11 GMT 1997

> Here is the smb.conf of the WINS server:
> (a.b.c.0 is subnetted into 4 parts, and x.y.z.0 is the connection to
> the university backbone)
> [global]

I am sorry, my Netscrap line-wrapped this completely wrong:

 server string = WINS Domain Master
 interfaces = a.b.c.62/ a.b.c.126/
 a.b.c.190/ a.b.c.251/
 allow hosts = x.y.z.250, a.b.c.
 workgroup = WORKGROUP
 printing = bsd
 printcap name = /etc/printcap
 load printers = no
 guest account = nobody
 read prediction = yes
 getwd cache = yes
 socket options = TCP_NODELAY
 os level = 100
 preferred master = yes
 local master = yes
 domain master = yes
 wins support = yes
 dns proxy = no
 encrypt passwords = no

> Here is the smb.conf of the disappeared samba box:
rest seems okay...

Dieter Rothacker, Student of computer science

TMTOWTDI, and the other ones are always better !

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