WINS, routers, and SAMBA

Erik Corry ec at
Mon Oct 20 08:17:16 GMT 1997

> Hi all, first time caller, long time listener,
> I've read all the .txt files (I swear) and I've searched the archives but I
> still cannot get my poor users on two other remote segments to see my samba
> server.
> Can't even do a net view \\[samba server] from the remote segments
>   * I added interfaces in the conf to the remote IP addresses above, but
>     no PCs on the remote segments can see the samba server in their net
>     neighborhood.

Don't do that. Only interfaces that are physically connected to the
Samba box should be in the interfaces= line.

Make sure you are running 1.9.17 or later. Make sure all
machines are in the same workgroup. Make sure that you don't
have a 'wins server =' line on the wins server. Use tcpdump to
see whether any traffic on ports 137, 138 and 139 is arriving
from the remote nets. Make sure the routers are not blocking
or firewalling or spoofing Netbios. Make sure there are no
machines at all running older versions of Samba.

Look in the wins.dat and browse.dat file to see what the Samba
server thinks is the situation.

> Should I use DNS instead of (or in addition to WINS)?

You shouldn't need that.

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