Integrating Win95 and Samba in detail

Christian 'Dr. Disk' Hechelmann drdisk at
Fri Oct 17 13:25:11 GMT 1997

On Mon, 13 Oct 1997, Charlie Brady wrote:

> You could try using a "preexec" to create a batch file on the install
> share. "preexec" takes the usual substitution, so you could pass it the IP

When it comes to preexec it is to late. Then the client will already have refused
to register its name to the server, since the name already existed.

> address, and have it do the lookup in order to create the required batch
> script.

Well, i changed it to use the last two parts of the client IP.

> Yep. And with the DOS client knowing how to alter system.ini is hard, but
> the above might work.

Well, that's what sed(1) is for... :-)

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