message returned, SPAZ over quota

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Fri Oct 17 09:09:03 GMT 1997

The following messages could not be delivered due to the protracted
over quota disk usage of the receiving account.  The account name is

	SPAZ at
 and the messages were:

   Harry Ford <hford at>
      WINS, routers, and SAMBA
   Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at>
      Re: Encrypted and cleartext at the same time?
   Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at>
      Re: crypted SMB passwords: security issue only on Unix ?
   Jacques Gelinas <jack at>
      Using smbpasswd from a pipe
   Martin Mielke <martin at>
      Re: [Fwd: ADMIN$, C$, and D$ shares]
   LO1BE.FLOEPK01 at
      Browsing on WfW
   Layne Jester <jester at>
      Printing with smbclient
Sorry for the inconvenience.  This message was generated by a batch
procedure intended to spare you from having to deal with each of the
messages separately.  Further messages to this account will be returned
to you on receipt, unless its owner resolves the problem.  For further
information or assistance, contact

help at
University Computing Services, University of Washington

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