Killing samba kills xdm

Kitchener, Stephen SKitchener at
Fri Oct 17 08:35:46 GMT 1997

Hi Guys,

Has anybody seen this, we have a samba server here (samba-1.9.16p11, I
know it old but... ) it's running on a DEC machine OSF 3.2D. Have been
seeing a couple of problems.

1) Sometimes the server doesn't appear in explorer on win95.

2) If I need to kill the server outright, the xdm server dies
immediately and I have to restart it, fortunately I can Telnet in to
re-start xdm. If I send it kill --HUP <pid> to re-read the config all
appears to be O.K..

Will upgrading to the latest and greatest fix these probs - or has this
not been seen by anyone yet ?

Appreciate any hints...
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