Files that end with punctuation (PR#61)

Andrew Tridgell samba-bugs at
Fri Oct 17 01:32:06 GMT 1997

> Surely this is a frequently-asked-question, but I couldn't find it anywhere.
> running samba on an IRIX host and using NT 4.0 as the client. I've noticed
> files or directories that end in punctuation (such as a period) cause
> Just trying to switch to a directory "test." in the windows explorer results
> G:\test. is not accessible
> The folder was moved or removed.
> Any idea if there's a fix for this? 

Try the "strip dot = yes" option.

It's actually a bug in the Microsoft clients. They silently remove the .
from the end of names, so to be compatible Samba has to as well.


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